Yummy Szechuan: Spicy Food Anyone?

Who doesn't like spicy food? Szechuan cuisine originates from Sichuan Province in China. This Southwestern province is home to Chengdu and famous for their Panda sanctuaries. Szechuan food is typically spicing and incorporates a variety of peppers including the famous Szechuan Peppercorn which produces a tangy feeling on your tongue. This effect is known as … Continue reading Yummy Szechuan: Spicy Food Anyone?

[MUST TRY] Burma Superstar: Modern Twist on Burmese Cuisine

Up until last week, I have never truly had Burmese Cuisine. While Burma Superstar is more of a Burmese fusion spot, it's the closest thing to Burmese food that I've eaten. Having been featured on food network, the restaurant is extremely popular and has a nicely designed modern interior. The food was delicious and satisfied … Continue reading [MUST TRY] Burma Superstar: Modern Twist on Burmese Cuisine