Trip Insurance: When Does it Matter?

Over the weekend, my younger brother was returning to college located in Milwaukee. Flying out of SFO, we seldom experience weather delays, and weather related cancellations are a rarity. Well, last weekend, freezing temperatures and an ice storm led to Southwest cancelling my brother's flight. As a result, my family and I scrambled to re-book … Continue reading Trip Insurance: When Does it Matter?

RECAP: Southern California & A Disneyland Getaway

For Martin Luther King Weekend, Jen and I took a quick three day trip to Southern California to go on a Disneyland Adventure. Growing up in San Francisco, my parents would take my brother and I on semi-annual trips to Southern California that included visits to Disneyland. For Christmas in 2018, Jen and I made … Continue reading RECAP: Southern California & A Disneyland Getaway

Yummy Szechuan: Spicy Food Anyone?

Who doesn't like spicy food? Szechuan cuisine originates from Sichuan Province in China. This Southwestern province is home to Chengdu and famous for their Panda sanctuaries. Szechuan food is typically spicing and incorporates a variety of peppers including the famous Szechuan Peppercorn which produces a tangy feeling on your tongue. This effect is known as … Continue reading Yummy Szechuan: Spicy Food Anyone?